Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gaming & Sexism

Plate bikinis in World of Warcraft are but one example of blatant sexism in the gaming community.  Another would be the hate that is spewed when a female speaks during multiplayer matches on a console game.  There are more examples of sexism in games than I can reasonably relate, however does this blatant sexism require special treatment for the female of the species?

No, quite simply it does not.  I’m a woman and I have the power to decide what gaming companies get the benefit of my money.  Money is the only currency that matters to developers and publishers of games for computers and consoles alike.  So long as the myth persists that men are the overwhelming majority of the gaming population, and it is a myth, then the money will follow the gender.

gender gap

Women hold the power here, not men.  Don’t like how a game portrays women in the game?  Take your money elsewhere and support a game that treats both sexes equally.  Money talks and where the money trend goes, so will gaming follow.

It isn’t complicated.  All these cries and whines demanding that women get special treatment or that men play nice because there are women present is degrading.  All players, men and women alike, should treat other players as if they were sitting in the same room and were held accountable for their actions by a real living, breathing human when the mouse and controllers are set aside for the day.  Doesn’t matter what sex you are, what your sexual orientation is, or what color your skin is, no player deserves special treatment because of these things. 

Make your dollars spent mean something and then you will see a change in the industry.  Don’t like a community, then leave and find a better community.  Play with like minded people and make the world a better place.  I’m sorry but if you stay and pay to play a game that offends you then you are part of the problem and whining isn’t a solution.

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